Thank you to everyone that voted on Oct 15, 2022 !

Going into this election in August I spoke with folks from all walks of life in Maple Ridge and they helped me pick four main issues that was important to them. In addition to my personal issues I created topics to review on my web site for each of the issues.

Below are some surprising results from my web site.

Using the same methodology we use in business to track consumer behavior patterns to my web site during the election I was able to measure the interests of the visitors to my web page and compare that to what we thought were the main issues.

ISSUES... is the issues in order of priority and the weight of importance that the general public I surveyed place on each issue (*this was before and during the election).

ACTUAL VISITS... my web site tracked clicks per page (issue). This shows the ranking and percentage of visitors that clicked on each issue.



  • Although "Affordable Housing" was the #1 issue discussed, it was the least most researched issue on my web site.

    • Speaking with many younger voters after the election on Oct 15, 2022 I found that less than 8% actually voted. Most I talked to simply do not think that local Government has any impact on their life's and they have resigned themselves to believing their will never own a home.

  • It was also a bit surprising to see that the #1 researched issue was around the impacts of increasing residential development.